serial device server and Modbus Gateway ZLAN5143I

High-performance, High Stability Isolation Serial Device Server / Modbus Gateway products, flagship Product of Serial Device Server High-reliability design of anti-lightning and electromagnetic interference. Interface isolation: RS485 2500V power isolation, power supply 3000V isolation. It supports both transparent transmission and Modbus Gateway function. RS485 supports 256 slave stations. The shell has ground protection. Flagship product, … Read more

Gateway Modbus BACnet MSTP RTU RS485 TCP IP 10/100 SG-100

SG-100 Gateway Modbus BACnet MSTP RTU RS485 TCP IP 10/100

Gateway Modbus BACnet MSTP RTU RS485 TCP IP 10/100 SG-100 Multi-firmware multi-model Network Controller SG-100-M Modbus RTU to TCP SG-100-B BACnet MSTP to IP SG-100-BM Modbus to BACnet/IP EIA-485 Standard Two Wire, Half Duplex, 1 LoadIt can carry 31 485 devices1 * RJ45 10/100 Base-T Product Application BACnet MSTP Modbus RTU Modbus RTU Protocol Transformation … Read more

e-paper e-ink electronic shelf label price tag ESLs

e-Paper e-ink Screen display Waveshare 2.13 inch ESP8266 Module Wireless WiFi Yellow Black White ป้ายแสดงราคาอิเล็กทรอนิกส์

e-paper ป้ายแสดงราคาอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ e-paper electronic shelf label ESLs ใช้แสดงชื่อสินค้า ราคา ส่วนลด สามารถเปลี่ยนชื่อ ราคา บนชั้นวาง ( Shelf ) แบบ Real-Time ได้ทันที หมดกังวลกับราคาสินค้าที่ไม่ถูกต้อง ทำให้ช่วยเพิ่มประสิทธิภาพ การบริหารจัดดการสินค้าคงคลัง Product introduction: The electronic ink screen network driver board can obtain picture information from a PC or a smartphone via WiFi, and display the information through an electronic ink screen. Support for Arduino … Read more

Electric Magnetic Lock Door Access Control DC 12V Cabinet Drawer 150KG / 330lb 200.-

Electric Magnetic Lock

Description: The Electric Magnetic Lock is applicable for delivery locks, refrigerated cabinet, mail or newspaper box, self-service lock, book counter, changing clothes cabinet, etc. Adopted steel plate for shell and carbon steel for inner material. Strong and safe to use. Features: The Electric Magnetic Lock is mainly adopted carbon steel for inner material. Strong and … Read more

Magnetic Lock Electric Universal 6 / 12V Mini for Door Window Cabinet RFID

Application Express cabinets, lockers, newspaper boxes, storage cabinets, storage shelves, file cabinets, filing cabinets, drawers, meter box, locker, intensive cabinets, Refrigerated cabinets, fresh food distribution counters, logistics distribution cabinets, letterboxes, filing cabinets, bookcases, wardrobe, automatic sale of machines and other products. widely used in schools, mines, factories, supermarkets, community logistics, banks, troops, prisons, courts, hotels, … Read more