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About Wireless Sensors

G7 provides a simple but flexible solution of wireless sensor platforms in both hardware and software. Users can make use of their own sensors with G7 transmitter, receiver, and system. IoT application of wireless data exchange can easily be built for “Smart Factory, Smart Farming, Intelligent Industry of Security”. 

Smart Monitoring

Cold Storage requires strict control of temperature and humidity. Wireless Sensors can be installed anywhere in the storage racks without the hassle of cabling and installation. Sensors can be relocated to fit different

Smart Farming

CO2, Soil Humidity, Light Intensity, Air Temperature & Humidity Sensors can be connected to the wireless sensors in the “Smart Farming & Agriculture”. Wireless sensor reading will be transmitted to monitoring software wireless

Smart Factory

Sensors (temperature, pressure, level, or load cell) can be installed anywhere in the production line. No cabling is needed in order to minimize interference and installation hassle. Sensors can be relocated anytime

Intelligent Alarm Monitoring

Oil storage tank level monitoring – the alarm of high or low level will be sent to central wireless up to 1200m. The level switch is connected to a wireless digital alarm sensor. Smoke detector,

IoT platform for wireless data exchange

How G7 works as an IoT solution for wireless sensor data?

G7-BS base station acts as an IoT gateway and forwards wireless data to a central server. G7 server provides a cloud service for client user access on different operating systems – Windows, iOS, Android. Client App and Web Portal are ready for G7 Cloud service.

G7 Wireless Sensor

No more cabling in agriculture environmental monitoring!

Wireless Sensors transmit data to the base station in the range of 1200 meters.

Sensors can be temperature, humidity, level, load cell, or any standard industrial transducers in the market.

G7 wireless sensor supports both analog and digital input.


  • IoT in Smart Factory & Smart Farming
  • Temperature & Soil Humidity Monitoring in Farming
  • Level Alarm in Oil Tank
Communication Module Function
4G GPS Data Logger 4G 3G GPRS & SMS Ethernet Wi-Fi GPS Multipoint Modbus
GSN8-HV-4GP o o o o o o
GSN8-MS-4GP o o o o o o
GSX8-HV-4GP o o o o o
GSX8-MS-4GP o o o o o
4G Data Logger
GSN8-HV-4G o o o o o
GSN8-MS-4G o o o o o
GSX8-HV-4G o o o o
GSX8-MS-4G o o o o
3G Data Logger
GSN8-HV-3G o o o o
GSN8-MS-3G o o o o
GSX8-HV-3G o o o
GSX8-MS-3G o o o
GPRS Data Logger
GSN8-HV o o o
GSN8-MS o o o
GSX8-HV o o
GSX8-MS o o
Wi-Fi Data Logger
GSX8-HV-WF o o
GSX8-MS-WF o o


Input Output Channels Multipoint Modbus
AD Channel (AD) 11 11
* Analog Sensor 8 8
* Temperature Sensor 8 2
Digital Channel (DI) 4 10
* Pulse Sensor 4 4
* Alarm Sensor 4 10
Relay Output (DO) 4 4
Modbus Data Registers 0 16
Digital Temperature Sensor (max.) 8 2
Humidity Sensor 1 1



Common Features  
Data Logging Interval Programmable (1 ~ 60 minutes)
Data Upload Interval Programmable (5s ~ 24 hours)
Data Upload On Schedule / Manual Request / Alarm Triggered
Internal Data Record Average 30000 records (4MB)
Alarm Trigger Analog Level Ultra-High/High/Low/Ultra-Low, Digital Alarm, Power Loss/Resume
Server Network Connection Dynamic Domain Name / Fixed IP
Data Transmission [GSX8: GPRS, SMS] * [GSN8: GPRS, SMS, Ethernet]
Protocol [Ethernet – UDP & TCP], [GPRS – UDP & TCP]
Central Server Independent Server IP for GPRS & Ethernet Data
Modbus Device Port RS485 & RS232
Alarm Data GPRS / Ethernet / SMS
SMS Alarm Text User programmable SMS alarm text to max. 8 mobile phones
Local Setup Ethernet or USB Port by PC Software
PC Communication Port RJ45 10/100M Ethernet or USB Port
Remote Command GPRS, SMS or Ethernet
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