serial device server and Modbus Gateway ZLAN5143I

High-performance, High Stability Isolation Serial Device Server / Modbus Gateway products, flagship Product of Serial Device Server

serial device server and Modbus Gateway ZLAN5143I
serial device server and Modbus Gateway ZLAN5143I
serial device server and Modbus Gateway ZLAN5143I
serial device server and Modbus Gateway ZLAN5143I
  • High-reliability design of anti-lightning and electromagnetic interference.
  • Interface isolation: RS485 2500V power isolation, power supply 3000V isolation.
  • It supports both transparent transmission and Modbus Gateway function.
  • RS485 supports 256 slave stations.
  • The shell has ground protection.
  • Flagship product, stable and reliable.


The RS485 of ZLAN5143I can drive 256 load capacity, compared to the product driving 32 loads, it can achieve the ability to monitor more equipment to save cost.ZLAN5143I has three interface types: RS232/485/422. The input voltage can provide DC Q2. 1 jack or terminal type, the input voltage is 18~36V (can be customized 12V). It can be equipped with guide installation accessories.


Interface insolation: the power can reach 3KV insolation voltage; RS485/422 can reach 2.5KV insolation voltage; ±15KV ESD protection function; More than 25KV/US high common-mode transient suppression.
RS485/422 has the ability of 256 loads.
Three interface types: RS232/485/422. RS422 needs customized internal jumpers, should be informed before buying.
Support 18~24V power supply, interface is DC Q2. 1 jack and terminal wiring. Can be customized 12V power input.
Having both functions: serial device server with transparent transmission and Modus gateway. Under transparent transmission, support full-duplex, high-speed data forwarding, no packet loss; Modbus gateway use storage type, the speed is faster than general forwarding mode.
Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP mode, UDP multicast.
The baud rate support 1200~115200bps, the data bits support 5~9, check bits can be five types: None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space, support CTS/RTS hardware flow control. If need to support 460800bps, choose model ZLAN5142I.
Rich single light: power, wiring connection, TCP connection, data activity.
Support multiple TCP connections, as a TCP Server, can be connected with 40 clients. As a TCP Client can connect with 8 different destination IP and port at the same time.
Real COM Driver supports multicomputer communication through the 9th (address frame is 1, the data frame is 0).
Support remotely searching 5143I and configuring parameters through the internet, can upgrading procedure and downloading configuration Webpage through Ethernet port.

Isolation Characteristic

  • Power Isolation
  • 3KV
  • RS485/422 Isolation
  • 2.5KV
  • 25KV/us
  • RS485/422 ESD Protection
  • 15KV

Communicate Interface

  • Ethernet
  • 10M/100M, 2KV surge protection

Serial Parameters

  • Serial
  • RS-232/485/422
  • Parity bits
  • None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
  • Data bits
  • 5~9
  • stop bit
  • 1,2
  • Flow control
  • Baud rate
  • 1200bps~115200bps


  • protocol
  • Net communication method
  • Socket, Virtual serial , device management library
  • Setting method
  • ZLVirCom, WEB browser, device management library


  • Power
  • 18~36V DC, 400~600mW(can be customized 12V input)


  • Size
  • L x W x H =9.4cm×6.5cm×2.5cm


  • Running temperature
  • -45~85℃
  • Storage temp
  • -45~165℃
  • Humidity
  • 5~95% RH
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